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A very beautiful female. A girl with a nice rack, lovely features and knows how to have fun! She's not that tall, but not very short! Usually, the smartest one in the class, always turning work in on time. She makes anybody she talks to laugh, and she smiles even on a rainy day! Did I mention her rack? TITTTTTIES FOR EVAAAH. <3
"Dude, have you seen Kenyatta today?"
"Hell yeah man! She's wearing that dress I like!"

"Kenyatta is bomb as hell!"
"Yeah, her and my sister are besties and she said that Kenyatta is funny as hell!"
by yodaddeh (; April 24, 2013
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Greatness, Superior, Incredible Creature, the Immortal Warrior. Also known as the perfect blend of religion, science, and myth. Any one with this name is the real life version of the baddest fictional charactors.
"the movie 'Terminator' is loosely based off Kenyatta's life. Except in real life the humans and machines teamed up AGAINST Kenyatta. He usually comes to our time to bang chicks now because in his time they are hot, fragile old chicks"
by snatchtaker February 04, 2010
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Kenyatta is a charming,cool,and naturally awesome and he does better than anyone with women than anyone
Kenyatta is the coolest person I've ever met.
by Cooldudethematrix June 18, 2018
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Kenyatta is the name of someone who gets all the hoes. all the girls love him. He's very athletic and great at every thing he does.
Man i wish i was Kenyatta He gets ALL the Hoes
by big d 32 May 16, 2018
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