The act of wearing clear, unassuming, reading-style glasses when they are not necessary for sight or fashion, but as a disguise in public situations. The phrase is based on the DC comics superhero Clark Kent/Superman who masks his secret identity with a combination of glasses (e.g. perceived weakness) and the facade of a bumbling personality.
Yesterday I caught John kenting downtown near his homicidal ex-girlfriend's place of employment; I did a double-take since I had never seen him wear glasses before.
by AquMaein September 27, 2012
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The act of sitting in your room shirtless while flexing and studying.
Chad was Kenting in his dark room while on his computer.
Kyle and Chow were kenting while preparing for Trig Class.
by BEAZER94 November 29, 2012
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to pose in a kenny powers like stance while informing attractive women they are "not their type"
Person 1: I totally got kented so bad last night while eating a burrito with no pants on...

Person 2: Kenting is NOT cool- I hate it when that happens
by Always their type September 7, 2010
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Pushing in front and overtaking someone whilst hiking. Must be done with maximum rudeness and little regard for the other person's safety.
James was continually kenting Ryan whilst they were climbing Mount Everest.
by vwxyz12345 September 28, 2013
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the act of performing sexual acts onto or into a .
I caught Cody Kenting the family dog!!!!!
by gerry12 March 18, 2009
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Kent is the perfect man. He typically likes things such as fishing and futsol. He has beautiful hair, fashion sense and a great sense of humour. He is a kind hearted man and someone you don’t want to let down. He has a wide range of vocabulary and quotes which help you through the day and always cheers you up. Kent is the perfect husband, and every human wants to be like him.
Maxy: There he is, Kent, isnt he beautiful
Cobrah Kai: Yeah, his hair is great today
by Mason is poo September 21, 2020
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Kented - Verb

When a female gets DP'd by two identical male twins in the same night, usually at a college party
Girl 1: Where was Michelle last night at the Phi Kappa party?
Girl 2: I don't know. I heard she got kented in the bathroom upstairs though.
by lucky350z November 25, 2018
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