Phi is not a common name
but people that are named Phi are very special they don't seek attention but some
how always gets it. They are underestimated how smart they actually are. They at least have one really good friend that will stick with them forever. They most likely always have dark brown hair, brown eyes, very good looking, and attracts girls easily!
Damm Phi you pulling all the girls!
by NoDuh July 9, 2018
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Also known as B.1.618. The name of the WHO’s yet-to-be-approved label for the sexier and deadlier variant of Covid-19 that arguably exhibits both beauty and symmetry, because the ratio measurements of certain parts of the coronavirus approach the golden ratio—some nickname the variant of interest the “golden variant.”
Where phi first originated, how many countries have so far identified it in their population, and its resistance against the vaccines remain unknown.
by MathPlus October 7, 2021
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Noun - The ultimate barn. Incapable of carrying others and in fact is the antithesis of being "self-reliant". Relies on the abilities of others to get through life and when left to himself, will begin a sequence of chain reactions that end up exploding in his face and leaving a rather peachy smell in the air where the Phi once stood.
Lucas is a Phi, he just can't play badminton.

The only thing that Phi could carry was a backpack, and he had to half-ass that.

A knowledgeable philosopher once said, "You're either a pro or a noob, that's life." Well, in order to apply this here, you'd have to change it to: "If you're a phi, then you're a noob, that's life."
by Bored Am I March 3, 2008
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The golden ratio, it is the ratio that is most aesthetically (visually) pleasing. Primarily used to describe either a mathematical relationship or an extremely attractive women. May also can be used to describe something awesome.

Synonyms: sexy, fit, tight, toast, awesome, bomb, wicked.
Example 1
Brian: "Dude, check out that blonde!"
Kevin: "She's fucking phi."

Example 2
Kevin: "Hey man, why does that leaf look so cool?"
Brian: "That's because the ratio of its height to its width is phi!"

Example 3
Brain: "I want to get with that brunette over there."
Kevin: "Bro, if you could do that, it'd be fucking phi shit!"
by The Codester, Homie-D et D-Mac December 6, 2008
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synonymous to L33T and 9 inch dick. guys and girls would fuck him. I'd suck his dick if i knew him.
by NOTPHI. September 19, 2008
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Consisting of or making up a large mass; bulky, heavy and solid. Large in comparison with the usual amount.
A Phi sized meteor has a .045% chance of hitting Nevada in the year 2012. Scientists say this would destroy the entire state. It will take a Phi missle to stop this.
by 2gunsup June 14, 2008
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An action performed with the lips which (when done correctly) makes a phi noise.
This action is used by the T.N.B boys and created by them.
.(Anyone does anything). oh "PHIIIIIIIIIII"
.Oh sup gyunt "PHIIIII"
."PHIII" aych pipe

Sees one of the boysacks...... "phi"
by dabbingfarmer69 July 3, 2019
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