An expression used most commonly as a greeting when you're either waiting for someone or talking about someone and that person walks in the room.
Heyo! There he is! There's the Biggsmeister! We were just talking about you, you sneaky snake.
by Georgie Porgie September 9, 2005
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Expression said when ever you see Allen.
(Allen walks in the door) Oh snap! There he is!
by bobjobbyjo March 3, 2005
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When you try to imitate Micheal Jackson but ending up something like a girl scream
A kid: Hey check this out I can be like Micheal Jackson
A kid2: Ok show me
A kid: ok then

A kid: he he~
A kid2: wtf
by Trisced1 August 24, 2019
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"He He" said Renee when she made a silly mistake
by Phillllip July 13, 2003
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A signature giggle used by Viorica Dancila, first female prime minister of Romania, caused by emotions and being unfit, untrained or unprepared for a diplomatic meeting.

This became a meme in Romania.
Benjamin Netanyahu (prime minister of Israel at the time):
"Pleasure to meet you!" (shakes hand)

Viorica Danicla (prime Minister in Romania at the time):
"He he" (with stupid face on) words in unknown language to humans
by noname4192 September 12, 2018
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A short version of he is.

He is _____.
In the blank, you can insert your favorite adjective.
He's gay.
He's awesome
He's funny.
He's alright.
by RawrItsPanda November 13, 2009
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Basically its when someone uses They/Them pronouns, but doesn't mind being called He/Him either.
They/He seem(s) nice.
They seem nice.
He seems nice.
by Zpop May 29, 2021
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