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Crystals that come off kind bud. When Screened off the bud looks like sugar. When smoked a very very intense high ensues.
Why cant you function dude? I smoked Keif!Oh sorry dude I didnt know.
by TytheFLy November 12, 2003
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Collection of the red hairs and crystals from marijuana buds that is smoked for a very intense high
They packed a bowl and put keif on top of it...damn, were they stoned
by Miss 420 August 23, 2003
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(KeeeeeeF)<-- fonetics. keif/- the crystals/orange hairs/and fine resin particles usually remaining at the end of your 40$ack. hit it in quantity and you will get high. unproccessed hash resin
if i collect the Keif at the bottom of my 40$acks by the end of the month i can smoke a bowl of keif
by kyle l. February 28, 2004
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The fine powder collected from marijuana, usually from a grinder or pollen press or left at the bottom of a bag, consisting of crystals (trichomes), bud hairs, and small particles of plant material. Good quality keif always has a much higher thc (the main cannabinoid) content than marijuana bud itself. It tends to therefore induce stronger highs when smoked than marijuana.
I collected keif in the bottom chamber of my grinder, and topped a bowl with it. Now I'm so baked my eyes are receding.
by budmastaaa9420 April 18, 2010
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The concentration of the 'crystals' or T.H.C. glands from the Cannabis plant into a dry powder(usually golden or blonde in color). This can be used as the beginning steps of making 'hash', smoked individually, or added to the ground Cannabis flower itself to increase the potency of the serving. Not a noun describing the the THC, or resin itself while still part of the flowers and or plant, but rather after the act of separating the THC glands from the plant through dry and solvent-less extraction.. the resulting product is Keif.
"dang, your grinder collected a ton of keif"

"these nugs were full of keif"

"I once smoked a hit with hash ball on top, with so much sprinkled on keif that u couldn't see the bud or the hash anymore... knocked me the fuck out"
by dbit March 10, 2013
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How black people say the name "Keith"
Keisha:Who got shot?!?
Lanelle:Man, dey got Keif
Keisha:Oh shit! He wa my baby daddy too
by Ham and Cheese Silf April 03, 2011
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The concept of keif is often misunderstood, But let me explain:
Keif is everything and nothing
Keif is Life and Death
Keif is Light and Darkness
Keif is Love and Hate
Keif is your wildest dreams and darkest nightmare
Keif is Black and White, Multirace
Keif is the meaning of life.

Keif understands.

Some say Keif is overrated, I say Keif is overrated.

I believe Keif needs to have a voice in the World
Keif can see us, Hear us, Feel us and Touch us but we are not always aware of Keif.

To sum it up Keif is Love and Keif is LIFE.
"I'm feeling Keif today"

"Merry Keifmas"

"My goldfish died 5 years ago and Im still in keif over it"

"Dude I got totally Keifed at the party last night"
by Keithalicious December 23, 2014
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