used in exclamatory exaltation when a person feels like he/she has achieved a feat worthy or recognition.
*scores a goal in fifa 13*
person: *stands up* "YEAH! SAY MY NAME"
by saymynameeee October 25, 2012
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a phrase that's usually said when you're having sex. boosts ego and stimulation and expressing that the sexual activity feels great. it can either be said by the passive, the active or both partners.
yes, baby yes! uhhhh! oh! say my name! say my name!
by Woobie October 9, 2006
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The most hilarious quote from the movie Dawn of Justice: Batman V. Superman by actor Ben Affleck starring as Batman.
Superman: s-save Martha!
Batman: Why did you say that name?!
Lois Lane: It's his mother's name!
by cuz 8O3 December 12, 2016
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1. A polite greeting used to show enthusiasm.
2. Using someones full name can be used to attract someone's attention or to clarify who you are talking to.
3. Using someone's full name if often, soon, followed by an "eee".

Pioneered by a K.Dubbs using someones full name has developed into a formal greeting whithin a smalll group of Virginian friends.
Saying someone's full name

Pokahantas: John Smith i like your steez. Eee.

John Smith: Pokahantas when you can kickflip oldschool stairs first try then you can talk to me.
by Tim Hall May 10, 2007
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You've heard the chant right? What it sounds like you're insinuating is that they're supposed to be chanting MY name.
Hym "Is that a thing? When they're chanting the 'Say his/her name!' shit it's supposed to be 'IAM HYM! IAM HYM!'? That would have been dope. I feel a little robbed though... I feel robbed out of my minions... I wanted to wield them against my foes. Instead some retard is making them paint streets and tip cop cars. He's wasting perfectly good minions. And some of them are hot so I could be fucking the hot minions. This whole thing has been a wash. *Sigh*"

Iam *Snoring*
by Hym Iam May 5, 2022
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