Unfake, cool, awesome, epic, and base. Also short for keto.
Two examples:
So keet bruhh!!

Hey guys, welcome back to my YouTube channel! Just went keet last week! *peace sign*
by Baddies_In_The_Club March 21, 2022
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Nosey, keeting, not minding your own buisness, staring, watching
by LordLengt April 5, 2016
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Noun; (Tlingit).

1) A killer whale; orca

2) Originating from the first nations Tlingit language for blackfish.
Whats that in the water!? Its keet!

Did you see the way he handled those park rangers?! Yea, what a keet.
by Buckbabylonbaby April 1, 2020
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1) add excitment or style
2) getting your drink on
3) having a good time
4) a hot chick
5) perfection
6) a state of mind

Originated in the city of Gaithersburg, a city in the state of Maryland which surrounds Washington DC.
"Hey Joe, these bitches are trying to get KEETED!!!"
"I'm soooo siced for Friday's party, KEET!!!!!!!!!"
"Let's do our laundry then get Keeted right after"
"damn that some keet richards shit"
by Keet Richards November 2, 2011
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Used as a replacement for other offencive terms including the f word as well as as a nown designed as a put down. Mainly used in a sarcastic sence.
What the keet have you bunch of keets been doing all keeting day
by John Berkavitch May 4, 2004
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Short for parakeet (or sometimes lorikeet.) Keet is a slang word used by mostly bird breeders and by some pet owners for these small playful birds.
Keets sell for $10 and Tiels for $25.
by OneBadAsp October 15, 2006
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A girl who is particularly addicted to cocaine.
Yo Sarah is turning into a mad keet keet
by jonz jonz July 24, 2008
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