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The Orca, or "Killer Whale" is a sea mammal in the same family as dolphins, porpoises, and the other whales. There are at least three distinct subspecies that do not interbreed. One stays near the coast and hunts other mammals, such as sea lions. Another coastal subspecies primarily hunts fish like salmon. A third, much less documented species spends the majority of its time offshore. All orca subspecies are threatened by human development and overharvesting of the orca food sources.
Visitors to the pacific northwest often take whalewatching tours in the hopes of seeing an orca pod breach the surface.
by Maurs June 29, 2006
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The Orca, contrary to popular belief, is an ocean DOLPHIN, and not a whale at all. It's the largest species of its family, and the biggest badass animal in this planet's waters. Usually preys on small fish and mammals, but has also been seen killing great white sharks and blue whales just for fun.
Everybody thinks great whites are the shit, when there are orcas out there that hunt and kill great whites just because they like the taste of their livers. It's true, look it up on google.

Animals like the Orca make me proud of being a mammal.
by Mikz January 16, 2008
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The coolest island in the world! In the Puget Sound. Technically in Washington, but not really.
I live on Orcas.
Orcas rules!
Im leaving Orcas to goto America.
by Free W. June 30, 2006
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1) A VTOL aircraft used by the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) in the Command and Conquer series. It holds the title for having the most fucking idiotic pilots in any RTS game ever made.

2) Pilot of an Orca; usually without any intelligence or common sense.

See also: Command and Conquer
1) In Tiberian Sun, Jimmy sent his twelve Orca fighters out to harass his opponent. He had to put up a Firestorm wall to protect himself soon afterwards. When the three remaining Orcas returned, they flew right into the wall and killed themselves, rather than trying to go around it.

2) Orca pilots are retarded.
by The Infamous Trev-MUN October 14, 2003
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A woman who follows around SEAL team members trying to get laid. She will only date SEALS and on case by case basis sleep with support guys who are good friends with SEALS.
Dude, Cindy is a fucking Orca, she always has a belly full of SEAL juice!!!!
by Just Jimmy January 30, 2012
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Whale of a woman proper for a blubberfuck too disgusting for any man in his right mind to ever date let alone mount
Rachel is the orca queen of the clique, I can't believe Tyler blubberfucked her.
by James Wright February 04, 2003
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An Orca or is reference to a fat female that hunts males and attempts to sleep with anyone she can no matter how drunk they may be. Just as a real Orca or killer whale would hunt for food. Orcas have been know to even drug a male in order to take them home. Orcas can be similar to a grenade.
Oh man this orca has been creeping on me all night I can't get away from her. If I get drunk don't let me got home with her.
by tythetyrant October 25, 2010
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