Japanese or Korean name given to the most amazing wonderful person you'll ever meet. He probably has a good sense of fashion, very good looking, and can make you laugh without even trying. If you know a jun you should really get to know him, you won't regret it!
by Mohojojo December 2, 2011
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only plays 4 games. the ultimate jean simp. has spent his whole life saving to simp for jean
what a jun such a jean simp
by H4rdDicc June 7, 2021
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Hotty!! ;)
The guy who makes everyone fall
in love with his smile. :)
He's such a Jun
by Chyeahhh123 October 9, 2008
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A asian male name which is given to a sexy Korean or Japanese who is a great player in sports, usually football, and also with the girls.
Jun winning the MVP of the tournament and going home with the hotties
by Yoooommaammaaaa November 12, 2011
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Japanese or Korean origin name. Pronounced "joon". Also, name of tea, and high performance Japanese auto tuning shop. Also means "Dear" in Farsi, and an abbreviation of "Junior" in some countries.
"Call me Jun, sounds like the month"
by jun-jun November 26, 2008
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A new species of whale. Is friends with Peter and is very special.
by P for PM May 31, 2016
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Jun is a name usually among Korean guys
Weird Korean kid that only uploads guitar videos on Instagram.
Always asks the stupidest questions.
Likes to be an imposter or be something else such as staplers, tape, rainbow dash, etc.
Person #1: hey i like to drink water
Person #2: whats water?
Person #1: thats such a stupid question, ur such a jun
by Ja1221ne May 25, 2014
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