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Bill and Tom's last name. Both are twins, not gay.
Dude 1: Dude, are Bill and Tom gay since they both have Kaulitz for there last name?

Duce 2: No, douche bag. They're brothers.

Dude 1: Ahhhhh I c....

Dude 2: I think you're gay....
by Lori likes tokio hotel!!! August 22, 2008
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The coolest last name ever. Bill and Tom of Tokio Hotel were loved enough by god to get this last name, aren't they lucky? Everyone for some reason keeps saying it like "cow licks" but that is not how you say it.
Cayden: Who is that guy with the hair?

Serah: Oh his name is Bill kaulitz.
Cayden: That's a cool last name!
Serah: I know!
by Angeleyeslullaby August 16, 2009
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