One of the most fun, loving people you will ever meet. Cayden is totally nerdy (in a super cute way,) but is also athletic. When he's the butt of a joke, Cayden just ignores the bad vibes because he knows he's better than that. With great hair and a captivating smile, you'll fall in love with Cayden in an instant, though it may take some effort to get him to feel the same way. He sticks by his beliefs an can be quite opinionated, though he is one of the most understanding people you'll ever meet. Find yourself a Cayden to spice up your day.
"Did you see Cayden today? "
"Yeah! He was playing video games in the library- classic Cayden!"
by RealJimHalpert January 8, 2017
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The nicest and most sweet person in the world. He always is making you smile by the little quirky things that he does, even if they are as small as doing a little dance randomly in the seat next to you in class. He can be really shy at first, but when you start to talk to him more, and show him you want to be his friend he opens up, and you can learn so much about him then. He is really cute, in a nerdy way, and has the best smile that always brightens your day. He might not have the best grades, but is smart and wise in other ways. A Cayden is just an all around awesome guy that you always want to be around (and even secretly date). Also, he is never a jerk like most of the other guys in school...😂
Cayden is so sweet, man I wish I was dating him!
by mystery...person October 14, 2018
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A super sweet, very cute, and extremely kind person. Can sometimes get mad easily but has a big heart and always cares. An amazing person all around that you will be extremely lucky to have in your life so don't let him go:))
He's so sweet!!! Must be a Cayden
by Anonymous user:)) June 21, 2017
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A Cayden is a nice kid who seems to get picked on a lot by dumb ass people who have no life but he seems to get the hot girls and he always has friends that will whoop ass a Cayden is the best friend you are always looking for.
Did you see Cayden today?
Yes, I did Cayden is so amazing.
by SupremeHeem January 24, 2018
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Cayden is smart funny and cute and he can get mad easily he has a cute /hot smile he is energetic he makes friends he is shy but when u get to know him he is funny and very nice and sometimes he can get an attitude but if he meets a girl then he will treat them well he will not back down he will stay next to u forever and if you have a friend like Cayden you are very lucky if you don’t have a Cayden go get one
Person 1 : hey do u have boyfriend named Cayden

Person 2 : no

Person 1 : well you need to get one and you will be really lucky
by Caydenence May 4, 2019
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“Did you see Cayden?”
by JusTaNOThErcRaCkHeAd January 13, 2019
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Cayden meaning someone who is constantly shocking you (in a good way) with everything they do. A cayden often makes you blush, giggle, speachless, and dance. Caydens are known for their sexyness and niceness. They often have bestfriends that really arn't that great but they still treat them so nice and sweetly. A Cayden can never get anything angry.
this person is so sweet and amazing, when he talks I can't help but to melt, he's a total cayden for sure
by fannypackinspection May 29, 2009
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