The singer of the German pop-rock band Tokio Hotel. He is well known all over Europe for his anrogynous looks and his extravagant style. His twin, Tom, is the guitarist of the band.
Like zOMG Bill Kaulitz is da shizzle!!

Nahh I like Tom more.
by dkny06 August 23, 2006
th fan: OMGZ bill kaulitz is sooo hooot
normal person: STFU
by NevermindSKS February 2, 2011
An 18 year old German male, lead singer of the band Tokio Hotel. Born on Sept 1st, 1989 in Leipzig, Germany. At 7 y.o. wrote his first song "Leb die Sekunde" (Live every second), and has been playing music with his identical twin brother Tom since then.

Bill has always been "different", so no he's not trying to be emo/jrock/anything.
Bill has publically stated he is straight, however the world may never know the truth until he gets a significant other.

This boy-man is the most beautiful person on the planet. Slim and 6 feet tall, his looks have everything right. You cannot call him handsome, because he's not, he is BEAUTIFUL. Heart achingly so. He has cheek bones and a jawline that can cut glass, pouty lips, that begged to be chewed on, a flawless complexion, a perfect nose, that will send people running to plastic surgeons, and asian eyes with lush lashes, that slay you at every glance. I'm fairly sure I could not have a conversation with this man without staring (and drooling).

When you see him during his interviews, he comes across as feminine and sensitive. He's very animated, yet polite, articulate and intelligent. He just seems like an incredible person to know. Maybe it's that European sophistication. Anyway, what really sets him apart from alot of dour rockers, is that he (and the rest of the band) TRULY appreciate their fans and never let them forget it. Then there is THAT SMILE. I am not kidding, when he smiles, it's like the sun breaking through grey skies on a cloudy day, the beams blinding you.

Now, that takes care of the girly part. When he hits the stage, Oh Hell. He is a ROCK GOD. He is the KILLER. 6 feet of sex in this 18 year old body. Not at all the femme guy you saw being interviewed. He's got all the posing down, and he can dance, dammit it. Better than most people I know of. He can shake that ass & boogie down. He completely commands his crowds, and looks directly into the eyes of the people closest to him, then gives the sexiest smile, like he knows something you don't. Seriously, being in the front row of one of his shows is like standing too close to the sun (personal experience).

He is very popular all around the world for his talent, androgynous good looks, and fearlessness.

Guys... ITS A TRAP!
Me: "God Bill Kaulitz has got to be the epitome of perfection"

My friend: "I know, I'm praying he's at least bi, or life just isn't fair to us women!!"

Some hater: "EW Bill is such an ugly homo"

Person with eyes: "I srsly do not give a fuck what anyone says. I want that boy in my bed. Preferably strapped to it."
by popkillerr August 10, 2008
Bill Kauliz
Bill Kaulitz is the lead singer of the German rock band, Tokio Hotel, which is known internationallu. Bill is known for, cat eyes, a girly voice, and gravity defining hair.

Early Life
Bill was born on September 1st, 1989 in Leipzig,East Germany but was raised in Magdeburg, Germany. He was born to Simone Kaulitz, a tailor, and Jorg Kaulitz and had a identical twin brother named, Tom Kaulitz. When him and his twin brother were 7, their parents got divorced. They got custody of their mother. Their mother remarried to Gordon Trumper, a guitarist from the German rock band, Fatun. Gordan inspired Bill and Tom to get into music and create a career in it. Bill began writing his own songs at age 7, and his brother at age 9. His biggest music influence was the German pop artist ,Nena. For the beginning of his career, he was done the voice for Arthur in the film, Arthur Und Die Minimoys.

How It Got Started
He started a band called "Devilish" when he was 9 with him being lead vocals, Tom being lead guitarist, Georg Listing being basist, and Gustav Shafer being drummer an When he was 12,and started touring Germany. in 2001 he was in German Star Search and lost to quarter-final. But then he got discovered and him and his band changed their name to Tokio Hotel, and recored their first album

"Schrei" (scream), which his platinum,as 13 to 15 year olds which has 2 number one singles, "Schrei" and "Durch Den Monsun" almoung Europe. Him and his band were the biggest act to ever come almoung Europe and 20 years and broke every German music record there was.

Zimmer 483
With their "Zimmer 483" album released in 2007 with four number one singles almong Europe, "Ubers Ende Der Welt, "Der Letzte Tag","1000 Meere, and "Rette Mich".

Scream and Room 483
They have also released English albums of translations of their songs both from "Schrei" and "Zimmer 483" in Europe called "Room 483", while on May 6th 2008 the same English album was released in U.S.A under the name of , "Scream" and the same thing in Canada but released on May 20-something.

Bills Illness
On their 1000 Hotels tour, Bill, performing at a concert in Lisbon, Portugal experienced vocal problems, and let the audience sing more often and performed less songs. he apologized for the bad singing and canceled the rest of the tour and some of the North American tour dates. He was suffering a cyst in his vocal cords from singing for 43 concerts with no vacation. He under went surgery and it succeeded, but followed 10 days of silence and 2 months of vocal practice to get back up and perform.

Random Facts
Now as 18, Bill Kaulitz is barely legal and won many awards including, "The Comet Awards" in France and "EMAS". His favorite song in their English album "Room 483" is "Loved to Death". His favorite song to perform is songs he just wrote. His favorite memories so far include, the first time hes felt brillant like in the studio, playing a gig, appearing on TV, first tour.. His goals for Tokio Hotel is to achieve all of them. He loves peppermint tea and hates olives, broccoli, and brussel sprouts and the movie "hot shots". Wore eyeliner since he was 10. Wrote his own song when he only 7. Loves a German dish with some really hard to pronounce name that is mashed potatoes with meatballs.

this guy is
and an aamzing singer!

i love him!!!

whos the chick on your wall??

bill kaulitz

by Kylee Kaulitz I WISH July 14, 2008
Well, the simplest definition of Bill Kaulitz, is one HOT male singer for German band Tokio Hotel. ;
Screaming Girl 1 - 'Omg! I love Bill Kaulitz! Marry me!'

Screaming Girl 2 - 'Shut up, he's mine!'

Screaming Girl 1 - 'Back off sistaaa, he's mine!'

Screaming Girl 2 - 'Mine!!'

Screaming Girl 1 - 'MINE!!!'

*Screaming Girls Beat Each Other Senseless...*
by Shel93 January 18, 2009
Singer of German band Tokio Hotel <3. born september 1st 1989 and is a twin with his brother tom kaulitz (who is 10 minutes older than bill). Dispite that fact that bill is younger, he still is the boss of tom. no matter what :D

I say you shuld check out Tokio Hotel, their music is great, lyrics and all.

boy: whos that chick on your wall? SHES HOT!

girl: its a guy,, his name is bill kaulitz and hes oh so sexy :D

boy: ohh i can see that now. i think he just ruined my hetrosexuality!

girl: :D
by kristallkaulitz September 9, 2008
The lead singer from German Band Tokio Hotel. For most people who are wondering yes he is a guy and yes he is STRAIGHT!!!

This 20 year old singer is probably the hottest thing you can ever see. That is next to his twin brother Tom Kaulitz. Even though they are twins they have very different styles so it is very easy to tell them apart.

Some fans will just abbreviate his name with "BK" instead of typing it out.

And they will come up with cute saying like " BK- Bill Kaulitz! Have it your way"
Fan Girl #1: Whose your favorite member of TH?
Fan Girl #2: Bill Kaulitz!!! He is so adorable!!
Fan Girl #1: Yea he is but so is his brother.
Fan Girl #2: Yea they are probably the hottest twins ever!!
by LaurenW October 28, 2009