The most beautiful, gorgeous female alive! She'll out school you on comic books, movies and most of all Star Wars. And you don't want to make her mad or you'll get a chair thrown at you.
Did you see that girl Serah, damn she's hot.
by StayTrue1904 August 30, 2010
One of the hottest red-heads you’ll ever lay eyes upon. She’s the perfect balance of nerdy and sexy. Very likely to be the most loyal, empathetic, and nurturing woman you will ever meet.

Has an endearing obsession with The Lion King. She will marry you if you ever take her to see The Lion King on Broadway.

A Serah has a subtle yet adorable mid-western accent (like someone from Chicago).

If ever in a car alone, she will have german metal music blasting.

A Serah is usually a Taurus although she may be another earth sign, but she identifies more as a Gemini in respect to her witty and sarcastic yet playful nature.

A Serah will NOT take ANY shit. Especially while she is driving.

A Serah is one of the BEST cuddlers you will ever meet. If you supply her with an endless supply of sweets, cuddles, orgasms, video games, and bud, she will be content af and love you forever.

Also, a true Serah is gay af; her ideal woman is a partner-in-crime type— she gravitates to adventurous, creative gypsy girls who also have a dark/morbid side to complement a Serah’s dark humor side.

She pairs best with Sagitarrius, Scorpio, Virgo, and Libra.

A true Serah will have one cat at least who she loves more than life itself.

She is an animal-lover through and through but is not a fan of children (but she MAY come across one who is an exception).

A Serah can play the piano beautifully and will serenade you with eargasms.

If you find a Serah, do NOT let her go! :-)
Person A: I think I found a Serah the other day at Best Buy working in the Geek Squad.
Person B: What — no way! Dude, get her digits!! I have yet to come across a Serah! If you won’t, I will!
Person A: Hell nawwww, step off! This Serah is mine! ;-D

Person B: Fine... -_-
by unruly-hair May 26, 2018
the cutest, prettiest, loveliest, and most wonderful person in the world
by mynameistotallynotmattsoitstot February 16, 2012
the smartest person there is shes a walking dictonary. shes also a story master
"serah always knows what shes doing"
by michelle November 25, 2003
The best person on planet Earth. The cutest, most beautiful person ever. An amazing sister, an even better girlfriend. Absolute wife material. Curvaceous. Just the best person you'll ever meet. Never let go of this absolute gem.
by FanggLeeone November 16, 2022