Cute, dainty, a fighter, not a pushover, caring, loves to laugh, loves to perform, has a love for animals.
I love the name Karrie. It is a unique spelled name and anyone with those qualities is definitely a keeper :-)
by Jhammer June 4, 2008
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She a very independent woman and she always looks out for her friends she is extremely funny she doesn't like fake friends and she doesn't like to be very social easy at making friends
When I met Karrie we just instantly clicked!.
by Itsyogirlkeke November 23, 2021
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A typical single mother type of female who throws her arms around the first man she meets and declares her undying love for him. This type of female is very often seen hanging around discount clothing stores, waving a £5 note at the cashier and asking "How many outfits can I but with this?".

A Karrie usually uses text speak, such as:

"Wot r u on abt tho? init like?".

A Karrie like to make out that they are independent but they are completely dependent on their daily dose of drama - which often leads to hilarious consequences.

A Karrie is VERY uneducated and often resorts to mocking others, in a misguided attempt at appearing to be articulate and actually having some form of idea or thought. However, a Karrie is akin to an amoeba and is very single minded - their whole entirety revolving around the lives of others, and how the Karrie in question can attempt to put a stop to anyone smiling in their general vicinity.

A Karrie smells like used chip pan oil and cheap perfume. A Karrie is a chav and a Karrie is basically not worth communicating with for any period of time beyond how long it takes to say "Karrie, get lost you uneducated and pernicious heiffer!".
"You bought that outfit for £5? You are truly a complete and utter Karrie!"

"You left your children at home with a burning pan of oil while you chatted up the car salesman? You're such a Karrie!"

"You are a failure at everything you do? Don't be such a Karrie!"
by Sticky Envelope September 13, 2013
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An amazing guy with a happy personality, he loves to laugh, and has a unique oura around him. He seems strange at first, but is a nice guy when you get to know him! He says things that may make you think twice about him, he makes hilarious jokes! This gives him a perfect person to be around!
Person 1: has karrie told you one of is signature puns? He made it extra dirty tho.

Person 2: yes! I died laughing!

Person 3: meeeeee tooooooo!!!!
by I don't exactly know December 12, 2017
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A word commonly used to describe pure beauty...and shear elegance.
Man, would you take a look at that woman? She is totally Karri.
by bearded triangle pleaser February 3, 2010
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Very Beautiful, a Hot Body, Bold personality, a good Friend to have, Bubbly, whitey, smart, funny, energetic, likes change, Smiles alot, laughs alot.
by karrie* February 3, 2010
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Karri is a name for a beautiful, smart, and talented young woman. She is very creative and independent. She is most attracted to the fine-arts like singing and dancing. She also does very well in school. She's a smartypants! She is very pretty and beautiful. A lot of boys like and chase her. Since she is very pretty, smart, and talented, who wouldn't want to spend the rest of their lives with her?
Boy: Who is that?
Friends: Oh that's the new kid in school. She's in the drama class, she's also very smart and pretty.
Boy: She is a Karri for sure!
by (¬‿¬) December 21, 2016
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