The act of dissecting an enormous, toilet clogging turd with one's own hand (when no other appropriate instruments are available) in order to prevent not only significant plumbing issues, but shame and embarrassment.

synonym: Beaned.
" Oh My God, I drank too much coffee, clogged the toilet and had to karate chop my turd because my roommates were outside the bathroom waiting!"
by webabunti September 15, 2016
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This real cocky girl wanted to box that dude or karate chop him, and though he wasn't going to tell her what to do or what not to do, he just thought she wasn't using her best judgment, that was all.
by The Original Agahnim October 18, 2021
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“I really wanna karate chop jack
“I know, he’s so cute!”
by Swifty1989 January 7, 2022
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What someone will do when you tell them they are bad at baseball.
You better shut your ugly ass face about my baseball skillz before I roundhouse karate chop kick drop spin on your dick!
by DisManz October 25, 2017
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