When you feel offended, you take your hand and chop it into any random part of the enemies body and yell "KARATE CHOP!" Or just, "CHOP!"
When your friends stomach growls, it is a perfect oppurtunity to KARATE CHOP their stomach.

"If you karate chop me, then I'll karate block you, if you karate block my karate chop, then I'll karate chop your karate block"
by Faye May 1, 2005
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When you slice someone with your hang (having a flat palm)
I totally owe you a karate chop in the arm for not letting me hit those greens first.
by Jimmy Hat August 24, 2003
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A deadly morning fart in which the anus quickly opens to release gas and then quickly puckers closed with martial arts like speed and strength. The resulting fart sound perfectly resembles the sound a karate masters hand makes whilst chopping an enemy in the throat and/or abdomen.
Female - "Ouch, something fast and strong just hit me in my neck fat! - did you hit me?"
Male - "Nope... not me..."
Female - "Ouch, there it was a again!"
Male - "If you value your life you'll make me a sandwich... now."
by Jo_Jo Dancer August 1, 2010
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A girl who has no ass, no boobs, or neither. Named after the "karate chop" motion, a straight-down chop that signifies the flatness of the body. Not necessarily negative or positive in connotation, simply a description. Can be used as a motion.
"She's cute, but she's a karate chop."

Ed: I saw this girl at the mall wearing a haltertop.
Sam: How big where her boobs?
Ed: *karate chops*
Sam: Oh.
by Mac Stinkwater August 16, 2009
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Fingering the female genitalia. An intense, and sensual motion. A subtle analogy for fingering.
He karate chopped the meatloaf last night.

She was karate chopping the meatloaf.
by HiggyTheDestroyer February 8, 2015
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1. The time period where it is ok to karate chop someone/anyone you see.
I was walking in the hallway when a man shouted "karate chop in session!" then he karate chopped me.
by godsp33d August 24, 2009
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The act of holding a fuzzy oven-mitted hand in between the vagina and anus of a female in the midst of D.P. effectively stopping scrotums from unpleasantly rubbing together.
Gonzo was on Karate Chop Duty while, Andrew, Paul, and Stephen Gang-banged his mom.
by SlamDuncan January 12, 2015
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