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An unbelievably bad movie, that involves a smart ass CG kangaroo, and an unlikely multi-ethnic duo of ass tards trying to get a jacket back from said Kangaroo. (Jack)
I hated Kangaroo Jack so much, I shat myself in the theater just to have an excuse to leave.
by Virtualmikey July 08, 2004
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When you bring a fresh ass honey back to your crib after going to a crunchy dub step concert and you whip out that bag of molly. Naturally you two want to take more before you get on with the dirty but you decide to take out your ball sack and spread that loose skin to form a bowl. Then make the girl eat that shit out of your little marsupial pouch!
Before i slayed that pussy last night i went on a safari and played Kangaroo Jack!
by Kangaroo Jack Man July 15, 2010
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A lot of magic mushrooms were eaten during the production of the movie.
by hmmmm August 22, 2003
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The worst movie in the history of the universe. I would not see this movie if you paid me $1,000,000 AND gave me a monkey. When I saw this movie I was praying to see That Darn Cat.
"Kangaroo Jack took up an hour and a half of my life, and I want it back."
by KaiserMonkey August 23, 2003
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A very asinine movie that is so bad, even horse rectums commit suicide if they watch it.
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
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to the comment above you forgot Glitter in one of the worst movies ever made and i hear Gigli will suck too
Wow they're actually paying people to see Glitter
by Anonymous August 03, 2003
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(N.) The TRUE sign of the apocolypse! Not only the "WWE" of Hollywood, it is also one of the, if not the worse movie ever made in history. Kind of like "Half Past Dead," "Deep Blue Sea," "Waterworld," "Battlefield Earth," "The Cable Guy," "Death To Smoochie," "The Godfather Part III," "The Avengers," "The Hulk," "Daredevil," "Jason X," "Carrie 2," "Speed 2," "Harry Potter," "To Wong Foo.." "A Walk to Remember" and "Crossroads" combined into one big steaming, stinking pile of Kangaroo doo. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It's just that horribly bad.
I wonder which man on the planet went 'Bedazzled' to make Kangaroo Jack AND have actual living people go see it?
by G-Union June 20, 2003
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