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Derived from the Hawaiian word "Kalani" meaning "The heavens" or "The Royal One".
Other than that, Kalanie is a sweet and very beautiful girl. Very attractive despite her not thinking so. She is athletic and very bright. Having gone through so much in her life, she stays strong and she never backs down. She's a fighter and is very loyal. However, she can often keep to herself. She a girl of second chances and is very unique and one of a kind. She cares extremely about others and puts herself before first before others. Her laugh is contagious and beautiful and she has the most precious smile. She can be a bit insecure but her friend group helps boost her confidence. She can get jealous very easily. She's genuine and always enjoys being herself (which is one of the things that makes her special). She loves romantic movies and loves spending time with friends and just being with people. Her boyfriend is a very, very lucky man.
"Kalanie is such a babe"

"Kalanie is so fun and beautiful"
"Kalanie.. my sky.. my world.."
"You are the heavens, and whenever I look up at the sky I think of you"
"Wake up kalanie"
by Axora May 14, 2018
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She is a really cool girl. Mean at times but she keeps it 100 with everyone. Really pretty and nice girl. Doesn't really like people but will tolerate them. Her loyalty runs deep. Always makes people laugh and knows how to have a good time.
Get you a kalanie.
by Jaqie Li June 18, 2018
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