Pretty Much the best there is plain and simple. Extremely attractive, and a natural born leader. Has mature characteristics, and is always seen as the alpha male. He is a huge lady magnet, due to his immense confidence, and cockiness. He’s super tall, and musically oriented. All his friends follow him, and women beg for him, coming back multiple times. His cockiness however is made up for in charm, and Outgoing personality. His friends know him to be the therapist that can solve any problem they have. Everyone likes kagan, mostly because tells jokes that are so bad they’re just good.
Oh hey kagan is coming
Oh man I love that guy
Fuck he’s hot
Yeah and funny
by The salt wizard December 22, 2019
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I was so good last night, she told that I am a kagan before I left.
by Sex God with a body of Yoda April 17, 2015
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The nicestHonest and shortest person you’ll ever meet she is pretty and gets the guys even though she doesn’t want them she is caring loving for her friends she will do anything for them even though she might not have the strength to fight somebody she will mentally destroyed them if you have a Kagan in your life never let them go if you do let them go you will regret it
Hey look it’s kagan she is such a good person
by It me crockett October 29, 2019
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Very deadly disease that effects your body mentally and physically. It attacks your game and once you have it, it takes too much of a toll on you.
Argh! Kaganitis!
by Kaganitis Victim March 29, 2004
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A person who looks like bam margera...
Does bam like things
Sumtimes dances in the club wit his wang hangin out doing the windmill
Screaming "I am bam look at my penis swing"
James - did u see bam swinging he penis around like a windmill
Dan - dude, that's kagan
James - what will he do next
Dan - what ever the fark he wants
by nevvie March 30, 2008
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an emotional or socio-political frenzy or trancelike state, originally one involving the mystic self-transcendence of being or relating to Elena Kagan.
Did you see Amanda's curveball at last week's softball game? She was totally Kaganing.
by sonia sotomayor October 8, 2018
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A manly looking woman that is nomianated for a position that is typically held by a man. The fact that she is manly looking creates the illusion that a man will be filling a role. The fact that she has a vagina is the reality that the position is being filled by a woman. See also: reno, condoleeza, rodham.
That kagan will be an easy sell to the company as our new supervisor.

She kaganized her appearance to earn more respect at work.
by theironman63 May 11, 2010
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