5 definitions by The salt wizard

Pretty Much the best there is plain and simple. Extremely attractive, and a natural born leader. Has mature characteristics, and is always seen as the alpha male. He is a huge lady magnet, due to his immense confidence, and cockiness. He’s super tall, and musically oriented. All his friends follow him, and women beg for him, coming back multiple times. His cockiness however is made up for in charm, and Outgoing personality. His friends know him to be the therapist that can solve any problem they have. Everyone likes kagan, mostly because tells jokes that are so bad they’re just good.
Oh hey kagan is coming
Oh man I love that guy
Fuck he’s hot
Yeah and funny too....wow
by The salt wizard December 22, 2019
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The second smallest thing in the universe. Second only to sams. They are hilarious, aggressive, and somehow smart. This doesn’t make sense because he’s also a dipshit. His hair is untamed, and indescribable. He helps in bad situations, and always brings a smile
Hi Zach
What’s up
Everything if you’re looking upsidown
by The salt wizard December 24, 2019
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Tommy is a god. He thinks he’s worthless, and he’s insecure. However he has epic powers he has yet to discover. Once he masters his abilities, he will be able to rule the universe. Go now ladies. Before he gets out of your league.
Dude Tommy just conquered a country
Woah really
He has reached his full potential. Nothing will stop him now
by The salt wizard December 24, 2019
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An underrated girl. Somebody guys regret not going for. She’s smart, pretty, and loud, and overdramatizes everything. She can’t help but be perfect and she doesn’t know it
oh here comes jaclyn
by The salt wizard December 23, 2019
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Ok look BEFORE you vote no on this hear me out! I need your help
I want to ask out a girl named jaclyn and I don’t know how so I’m just going to show her this, but it needs to be voted in
Pls fellow urban dictionary users, help me out!!
Hey jaclyn
Pls date me
by The salt wizard December 24, 2019
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