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A person who looks like bam margera...
Does bam like things
Sumtimes dances in the club wit his wang hangin out doing the windmill
Screaming "I am bam look at my penis swing"
James - did u see bam swinging he penis around like a windmill
Dan - dude, that's kagan
James - what will he do next
Dan - what ever the fark he wants
by nevvie March 29, 2008
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A manly looking woman that is nomianated for a position that is typically held by a man. The fact that she is manly looking creates the illusion that a man will be filling a role. The fact that she has a vagina is the reality that the position is being filled by a woman. See also: reno, condoleeza, rodham.
That kagan will be an easy sell to the company as our new supervisor.

She kaganized her appearance to earn more respect at work.
by theironman63 May 11, 2010
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