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An Island located to the west of the Dominican Republic. Annexed by the U.S. and now basically is part U.S. Puerto Rico has no identity they are owned by the U.S. Puerto Rico uses U.S. currency. When vacationing in Puerto Rico do not talk or get comfortable with the island women for they are actually penis bearing transexuals. As for the puerto rican male population, they are often called faggots due to their obsession with plucking eyebrows that often look better than their mothers. American Puerto Rican women don't marry their own but often marry african american thugs. Puerto Ricans don't believe in god but only in Rosie Perez.
puerto rico the home of transexuals, ricky martin and rosie perez
by sonia sotomayor August 29, 2009
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an emotional or socio-political frenzy or trancelike state, originally one involving the mystic self-transcendence of being or relating to Elena Kagan.
Did you see Amanda's curveball at last week's softball game? She was totally Kaganing.
by sonia sotomayor October 8, 2018
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