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Short for Onyekachi, an Igbo name. Kachi is absolutely lovable. They are extremely attractive. Not just physically attractive though, mentally also. They are intelligent in so many ways and always find a way to brighten up your day.
1. Kachi is coming over, I can't wait!

2. Kachi! Onyekachi!

Didn't you hear me calling you?!?
by Omalichanwa January 05, 2014
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A gay nigga who makes his way into peoples conversations by saying β€œi suck dick”. Attention Seeker, also a very annoying bitch who lives in his household with his cockroaches and doesent brush his teeth everyday, his parents also dont love him.
Kachi youre a faggot
There go that gay nigga kachi
Go play with your cockroaches kachi
by JayzTRASH December 09, 2018
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