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Short for Onyekachi, an Igbo name. Kachi is absolutely lovable. They are extremely attractive. Not just physically attractive though, mentally also. They are intelligent in so many ways and always find a way to brighten up your day.
1. Kachi is coming over, I can't wait!

2. Kachi! Onyekachi!

Didn't you hear me calling you?!?
by Omalichanwa January 5, 2014
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A Nigerian name, particularly Igbo. Onyekachi is a bisexual name, so it can be used for both male and females. People with the name Onyekachi can be very fun and outgoing but also very quiet at times. They are extremely caring and warm hearted. They have an unexplainable drive and determination to be successful in all they do. They leave an impact on everyone they meet.They are like a walking paradox, outgoing and concerned yet care-free and nonchalant.
Onyekachi is a wonderful person
by Omalichanwa January 5, 2014
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- Phony, Fake
- Not authentic
- Of artificial substance
She's fugazy. She talks about you behing your back then smiles in your face.
by Omalichanwa January 5, 2014
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