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She's a girl who's very smart, caring, and drop-dead gorgeous. She's usually brunette, tan, and she's exotic. Many girls dislike her out of jealousy, but many boys are completely attracted to her. She's absolutely stubborn, and she can get jealous easily. Sachi's are very friendly, flirtatious, and down-to-earth. They're very sexually attractive, and they have an intense sex appeal. Sachi's are very tolerant, and they can handle their enemies. Sachi's are very trustworthy and loyal, especially in relationships and with friends. Anyone would be lucky to meet/date a Sachi.
"Hey man! See that girl over there? She's gorgeous and really smart."
"She must be a Sachi."
by 1913816 May 17, 2012
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She is by far the best person you know.

She is kind, funny, loyal, crazy, honest, and overall an awesome friend to have.

She might not be drop-dead gorgeous but she is naturally pretty
She can ALWAYS make her laugh
She has all of the girls lined up to be her friend but only keeps a couple of a girls really close to her
She deals with bitches the right way and is uber tough
THIS GURL GETS A 183285453 OUT OF 10
Guy 1: Whew look at that girl go she must have at least 20 girls trailing behind her
Guy 2: Yepp she a total Sachi
by ilovesachi January 10, 2012
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Sachi's are really beautiful smart athletic funny shy and are typically known by everyone. Sachi's are very popular but only lets a few people close to her she doesn't show her emotions to anyone not even her closest friends. Sachi's will kick your ass if you piss her off, or break her trust; Sachi's shouldn't be messed with even if she looks sweet and innocent she won't back down if you hurt her. She gives no fucks when it comes to people's opinions, to be honest she gives no fucks to anyone or anything that is irrelevant. Sachi's are heartbreakers they can tell when they are being played with and they won't stand it, they can also read people's emotions better than anyone else can this makes them the best advise givers. I can go on and on about how perfect Sachi's are but it would take forever so just enjoy this for now.
"Dude I heard the new girls name is Sachi"

"Bro you know what that means right?"
"Hell yeah, she's gonna be fun and hot"
"I call dibs"

"Fuck no fair"
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by KillaJason.gang.gang May 01, 2018
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An incredibly selfless human being whose good works save someone else's ass.
"Lo, you're such a sachi for picking up my shifts at work this weekend!"
by Em T April 19, 2007
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A vagina that tends to be hairy, overgrown, or "muffilicious". It comes from oriental decent, therefore it is sideways.
That girl i had sex with the other night had a terrible sachi.
by shrimpdoctor538 May 31, 2009
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