An Anime about being stuck in virtual reality. If you die in the game you die irl. Gained popularity in 2012 and finished its second season in 2014.
John: Got plans for tonight?
Bob: My parents are out of town so I'm watching Sword Art Online!
John: That's not sad at all!
Bob: I know!
*High Fives*
by REALkj December 31, 2015
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Sword Art Online is an Anime (Japanese Cartoon) made by Aniplex USA and A1 Pictures. Originating from a manga of the same name written by Reki Kawahara, it follows the story of Kirito, a huge video game fan, mainly in the MMO genre. During his time, the video game community has changed with the appearance of Virtual Reality Nervegear. Kirito uses the Nervegear to jump into the first MMO for the system, Sword Art Online, or SAO. Shortly after entering, all 6,000 players in the game are trapped inside by the game's creator, Akihiko Kayaba. They are stuck until the game's 100 floors are cleared, and if anyone dies in-game, the Nervegear will malfunction, killing the real person. Kirito must then lead his friends and fellow gamers to escape the cursed world, and get back to reality. Many subplots have followed the main arc. It is currently in its 2nd season, and a movie is in the works.
Anime Fan 1 : "Hey dude! Did you see that episode of Sword Art Online last night?"
Anime Fan 2: "Yeah! It was awesome! The boss battle was epic!"
by JCDash323 November 20, 2015
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One of my favorite anime's that ALWAYS gets crapped on by all these dumb hatters who spend their days sitting on couch getting fat and trolling on urban dictionary. *coughs* Anyways, its about a bunch of ppl who get trapped in an mmo vr video game and if you die in the game you die in real life and you have to beat the game to get out alive.
me: i love Sword Art Online
person: omg dude get a life
me: no you, go die in a fricken hole you piece of trash
by Kirito/Asuna January 13, 2020
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A japanese show, defined as Anime. A show where the characters (Some how are ALL from Japan) enter a game, known as Sword Art Online. When entering the game, shortly after, the creator of the game, Heathcliff, or whatever his actual name is, alarms them that if they die in the game, they die in real life.. The Game version of Freddy Krueger.
"Hey dude, did you watch that anime, Sword Art Online?"
"Dude, get the fuck out of here, I'm taking a shower."
by Tobito December 8, 2013
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basically, the greed island arc of hunter x hunter turned into a whole anime
boy 1: did you watch sword art online yesterday?
by thisishowiyee December 27, 2017
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The BEST anime that you will ever watch. Better than hentai. The characters are stuck In a VR game. If they die In The game, they die in real life too.
Bobby Brown-"Dude did you watch sword art online last night?"
Zander-"Hell yeah!!!! Better than hentai bro!!!!!!"
by zman22366 January 1, 2017
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