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-n- the group of girls in a particular school whom try to be something they are not...shows up places drunk and make fools of themselves in public. Extremely shady when together and if your name doesnt start with a k,e,r,or an l, you are obviously not cool enough to be associated with them...girls who put song titles in their infos such as Jack Johnson's "Better Together" to describe their queer, possibly homosexual "cult". yes, cult.
did KERL really buy those ugly necklaces to display their gayness!?!
by kerlhatersofamerica April 30, 2005
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K- the secret shit talker/trouble maker that has no life other than to stalk people she obsesses over... an obnoxious bullshitter- who plots against people who she says are her friends.
E- "the peacemaker" who is just a fake that would go against you for someone who looks better as her friend. cool.
and shows signs for the worst case of senioritis...
R- obsessed with her own group of "friends" who really talk shit about her.. the supplier of the cool necklaces and attempts perfect "kerl" order at mass.... cant get much cooler
L- the one who lives off of attention. idont know what could be worse...
Ex. Kelsey Erin Rachel Lina
by betsy ann May 03, 2005
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bunch of gay girls..pecaco was way better...kerl is stupid dupid yoller :
i like to kerl the ends of my hair with a kerling iron
by Ish Kabibble May 03, 2005
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..KERL>>Bunch of flaming dirty vaginas!!!!.. if jack and meg had the chance he would spit in everyone of your faces..b/c yur a sad excuse for a human being.. you fucking nerds... i hope you think your cool ... your pityful and i would love to rip your hearts out of your body and feeed you useless corpse to the dogs... fucking scumbags... you have this imagine of you being cool.. but in everyone elses eyes you look like the scum of the earth.. take a look in the mirror fagets...... long live the white stripes
megjackjulesnickalbertfabniclako bitches and hoes.. fuck you
by DiddyPOP May 02, 2005
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Why is everyone making fun of them? Personally, I do not think they are that bad. They're better friends then whoever is writing this will ever be. They have four close friends and i do not think they should be punished for it.
KERL is not as bad as you guys make them seem
by kerlloversofamerica May 04, 2005
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