A synthetic cannabinoid. In december 2008 a german lab found this chemical in many so called "smoking blends". These blends are usually sold as alternatives to cannabis.

They have become popular over recent years because they actually get you stoned.This is because many contain synthetic cannabinoids such as JWH-018.
Stoner1: NOOOOOO! I'm outta weed. I'm gonna pay a visit to my local headshop, get me some legal smokes.

Stoner2: you know those "smoking blends" contain synthetic cannabinoids to get you high.

Stoner1: Really?

Stoner 2: yeah, in fact a german lab actually found the chemical JWH-018 present in some of them.

Stoner1: Is it dangerous?

Stoner2: We'd really have to wait till more tests are done on it's safety.I'd say stick with weed untill a synthetic cannabinoid has been proven safe. When it has, buy it in pill form and it'll be a lot healthier than cannabis.

Synthetic cannabinoids are the way forward.
by legal toker January 8, 2009
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JWH-018 is a synthetic psychoactive drug that activates your cannabinoid system, similar to cannabis. The drug was first synthesized in December of 2008. It is also known as spice.
Person 1: I smoked the rest of my weed yesterday, what are we gonna do?
Person 2: I got you, I got some JWH-018
by PsychedMF July 30, 2021
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