During a blizzard, you can't see a thing due to the wind & snow, not even your boots!
I was in a whiteout & it was freaky to not be able to see even an inch in front of my face! I couldn't even see the ground or my boots!
by Starchylde May 28, 2016
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To bust/cum on a girls face and then blow on it to dry it up
She said i couldn't bust in her mouth so i gave that bitch a whiteout!
by therealdicktracy January 9, 2012
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A whiteout is when a man allows his penis to do all of his thinking for him. Akin to "blacking out" from being drunk, he may lose the ability to form coherent sentences, and begin communicating with offensively suggestive guttural sounds towards people.

The prevailing hypothesis suggests this is caused by a backlog of semen rushing to the cranium, soaking into the brain and impairing it's function. Once the whiteout is over, the man usually does not remember where he is, what he said, or what he did.
-Hey, why is Neal acting so aggressive and brash tonight?
-He must be having a whiteout because he saw a nice pair of jugs. We should issue a warning to everyone in the area: Hide the women and children.
by BDP reproductions August 4, 2018
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Someone is snorting cocaine out of your asshole when you are standing on your head with your legs spread. When the person tries to snort the cocaine out of your asshole, you fart and blow the cocaine in their face. Causing a whiteout.
I was partying with some girl the other night, she wanted to do cocaine, but I gave her a whiteout instead.
by dawg285 December 13, 2009
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To ejaculate in someones eye so they can only see white.
I told her "swallow or its going in your eye" She stopped so I gave her a whiteout.
by Trea G. December 1, 2007
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sudden feeling of total loss of control which is caused by too much drinking and then smoking wheelchair weed. See definition of broccoli. Leaning against the wall while having a cold shower, or draping yourself over the back of a chair hasn't proven to alleviate symptoms. Known side effects are kicking out your friends and locking your doors.
I had such a good time lastnite until we smoked a couple of BC buds mixed with a little honey oil. After that I had a whiteout. I was a total mess!!
by the_trapper August 17, 2006
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1. kool stuff that makes shit go away
2. a good tool wen u draw a penis on a paper and u need to get rid of it
1) redneck: tat whiteout ove' there really made ma shit go away
other guy: yep it did

2) me: oh shit i drew a big fat penis on my final
friend:holy fuk rago thats a big penis better use whiteout
by steven rago May 22, 2007
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