It refers to a town or estate which is very isolated and lifeless due to it's inconvenient and out of the way location. It is inspired by an estate in Singapore but applicable to any estate in the world. It gives off a very negative vibe and when you are there you just feel like killing yourself or burning the whole place down.
Man 1: "I hate this place! It's so lifeless! I feel like killing myself!"
Man 2: "Wtf bro, chill out"
Man 3: "Well, it's understandable, after all we are in a jurong"
by ZamZamZam July 16, 2019
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one of the more lifeless schools in Singapore the students here generally treat their school table as sleeping pillows and the xmms yps count as well as the school budget here is as low as the students attendance rate but the teachers here are mostly caring and dont really have any favourites except for tht one shitty eng cher cos the students r all shit anyways and also police visits are a monthly must for some reason even tho the gangsterism here is way toned down compared to boonlay secondary nearby
I want to go to Jurong West Secondary after my PSLE said no one ever

~Don't, just go to Westwood its far better and have livelier environment
by theguardianangel78 August 21, 2021
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Shit school with shit students. Only good a bit is sports like bball but other than that shit. Absolute shit facilities and students are stupid af
Do uk raja from jurong secondary school. Ya he damn dumb right. Ya sia that dog so dumb never do hw all the time.
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Welcome to JPJC : THE BEST OF THE WEST ( only got one sch so bobian )
The girls here smell like wet blankets and the annoying librarian wears a curtain every day.

The principal steals our school funds for Chinese crackers.

Tan Zhi Ai, bloody cancer cell Ai Zhen.

But got this buff physics cher that's super poggers and even if he steps on me, lowkey likes it ( Shit I think I might be masochistic ).

The bookshop aunty drinks pilot pen ink and sniff UHU glue everyday, I join her sometimes.
This school sibei dramatic, come here if u want join Mediacorp
SCs are the pride of the school ;)
U fail one subj u retain sohai logic
School Food better than ur dog food but at least bttr than war rations.
Bloody hell the school can spend 1mil on a basketball court. Says a lot about our funds.

In conclusion ( learn from our shitty gp department ) our sch
10/100. Some chers sibei guailan but got good ones. Please i beg you dont come if u want more than 60 rp.
Friend: You think Jurong Pioneer Junior College good nt?
Me: Come here if u want to suffer bro. While I live, I learn, plus Ultra.
by Chin Chee Nah August 20, 2021
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It is apparent that this is leading school in the entire of Singapore. This school is perhaps considered to be the most notorious from west to the east. The name itself is already claiming the entire Jurong West.

With the rising number of cases that cannot be mentioned, This school will be the next NUS amongst the secondary schools. Be prepared to go through rigorous security checks, metal detectors, IC Verification, Pat down by armed personnels by the gate every time you step foot in the school. Bag checks will be conducted every morning due to a previous case of a student bringing a Katana to school with ill intention.

- Most of the students here are well mannered, like many others, there are still trash to the school community. Introducing the Young Punks and Xiao meimeis. Everywhere you go, they will find ways initiate fights just like their primitive state. Some will even walk everywhere whilst imagining they have 100s of gangster behind their back. Next moment you whack them also their imagination gonz💀

If you want to have an early experience of Changi Prison, this should be your top pick for your next Secondary school journey.
eh you see that jurong west secondary school student? yesterday he whack me upside down until my mother didn’t recognise me:(
by chaokeng warrior August 21, 2021
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MRT Station in Singapore - Interchange on the North South Line and East West Line

Jurong East MRT Station.
by Stubtryxz February 20, 2022
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jurong secondary school cAre so much about their reputation. Back in those days, almost every assembly they will talk about how jurong is top 10 successful school and how late Lee Kuan Yew are the one who build that school. Like , okay?? We know ?? But why the sudden mention ?? And if you're in Basketball , floorball , cross country teams . They all will think that they are the big f$ck$ there when yall are not. So please , be humble ?! One good thing about that school is that the teachers , or MAJORITY of them. They all are caring and show lots of compassionate towards their student. Our school is basically right beside of an indian school (this has nothing to do about their race) , during their lunch time which is basically while we're still having lessons and their school will be the most chaotic and obviously super loud. Ever heard of one theory that one of the teacher shouted "QUIET!!" To the school? If u havent heard of it , and yes that teacher has the guts to shout at the school because they're all so noisy , it's kinda funny to some of us but it's just a one time thing , salute to that teacher <3 hahahah Jurong secondary school , is also a cheapskate school , can't say much but it's true.
define jurong secondary school : "a school where they will always mention about their reputations"
by J. Sec sch August 25, 2021
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