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It refers to a town or estate which is very isolated and lifeless due to it's inconvenient and out of the way location. It is inspired by an estate in Singapore but applicable to any estate in the world. It gives off a very negative vibe and when you are there you just feel like killing yourself or burning the whole place down.
Man 1: "I hate this place! It's so lifeless! I feel like killing myself!"
Man 2: "Wtf bro, chill out"
Man 3: "Well, it's understandable, after all we are in a jurong"
by ZamZamZam July 16, 2019
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A female of Malay descent, is schizophrenic and has a friend called vinod who is depressed and in denial. She is quiet and timid, also has low iq. Most commonly seen in the play Off-centre.
Vinod: Saloma, you're late. Why are you always doing this? I mean, if you don't want to see me, just say so.
Saloma: Vinod, you take the medicine or not?
by ZamZamZam February 28, 2019
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Derived from the word 'pon' which means to skip something. describes one who skips certain events
Man 1: "eh why you never come to school"
Man 2: "cos i dont want to"
Man 1: "fucking ponster"
by ZamZamZam March 4, 2019
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A joke.
The Football (soccer) Association of Singapore (FAS) is basically the worst organization in the history of sports. You could probably hire a cockroach as it's CEO and there would be no difference. Similarly, if you replace the whole football team with slugs, you would get the same results as they are getting now. The only difference is that slugs can't smoke.
Coach 1: "My football team has just lost it's 50th game in a row"
Coach 2: "Ah, at least it is still better than the Football Association of Singapore"
by ZamZamZam July 16, 2019
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The master of all X nibbas. He controls and rules over the minds of all of his X disciples, much like those under his own master Mahmad Gandhi. His ways are similar to those of his master, but his congregation is of a different demographic and uses his followers for his own sadistic benefit.
XXX follower: What do we do Master gooshant?
Master gooshant: we shall all eat shits for lunch!
XXX followers: (in unison) all hail master gooshant the shit eater!
by ZamZamZam August 29, 2019
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by ZamZamZam August 29, 2019
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An abbreviation for 'young punk', which are mostly adolescent Chinese tryhard gangsters who are characterized by playing loud, China EDM music while riding their e-scooter. The bane of singaporean society. Lowly educated and are probably unable to read this
by ZamZamZam March 4, 2019
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