i wonderful singer originating from the 60s with the magical duo of sonny and Cher.
who is the goddess of pop?
well that easy its Cher dummy!
by itsme!!! January 12, 2021
noun. Louisiana Creole term meaning "darling," "sweetie" or "honey." From French "chéri."
Ki sa se bon en Nouvu Olean, mon cher!
(It's all good in New Orleans, my darling!)
by jennifer October 21, 2004
Louisiana Cajun and Creole slang, sometimes intentionally misspelled. See sha

1. Term of affection meaning darling, dear, or sweetheart
2. Adjective meaning cute
3. An exclamatory expression meant to express how cute or precious something is

1. "Come here, cher."
2. "That is so cher."
3. "Look at that little baby! Cher bebe'!"
by Monique K. May 16, 2007
Singer, songwriter, actress, movie director and entertainer, won an Oscar, a Grammy, several Golden Globes, an Echo, Bambi and a few others. Cher has had high record sales, adored by fans but often despised by her critics to the point that she was parodied on an episode of South Park ("Two naked guys in a hot tub", 1999) She is also known for receiving plastic surgery.
She's almost as famous as Cher!
by gideon Hess November 28, 2007
A french term used by cajuns (sometimes spelt sha). 1. adj. meaning something like "aww how sweet." 2. noun meaning something like "cutie."
1. Aww sha he sent me roses!
2. 'Eya Cher, sweetie, come here.
by Mer November 11, 2003
one surgeon to another: Since Cher hired me ive been able to buy a new 100 ft cruiser, a house in St Tropez and buy a new gulf stream jet...
by me September 13, 2004
one of the greatest perfomers of the last 40 years. A true legend that brings love and joy to those that get her. A rare symbol of fabulousness. rumoured to be immortal.(hopefully)
almost nobody entertains an audience like CHER. I love Cher!!!
by david October 28, 2003