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Raja or 'Maharaja' the Indian way of calling the King.
The Maharaja of Kochin or the King of Kochi
by arjun rajiv August 19, 2005
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A nose-swab-fetish developed from this, because we, as humans, ruin everything.
Oh fuck yeah, swab my nussy

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1. Noun: A person or being that is preternaturally and almost supernaturally good at an astonishingly wide variety of tasks

2. Noun: A person or being who radiates an irresistibly sexual charisma

3. Verb: To completely denounce or mentally and/or physically cripple someone

4. Hindi word for a prince or king (can also be spelled rajah)

5. The name of Jasmine's tiger in the popular Disney film "Aladdin"

"Did you see that new prodigy kid? He's a freaking raja man"

"So last night i met this one guy and he was sooooo raja."

"Holy mother of god he got mind-raped! I haven't seen anyone get rajaed like that since 68'!"

He was the raja of Jaipur.

Jasmine had a tiger named Raja.
by newhampshireman March 09, 2008
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An amazingly cool, devilishly handsome guy who knows how to climb, surf, and skate in style. Has a chiseled jaw and hair so perfect, it must have been cut while he traveled across India on a mission trip. He likes to rock a black and pink jazzersize tank while doing awesome things like eating octupi babies, dancing around the kitchen, and rapping 8-bit (he only lets his favorite people hear him). Sometimes he throws a scarf around his head to disguise himself as a ninja to keep the ladies from swarming him (smart idea). Jesus is his homeboy.
Maja and Raja look so cool on top of that mountain right now! I want to be them!
by Maja Queen Bee December 02, 2013
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(n.) A slang term originating in the slums of India to describe a slong so big that the owner rules all the land....
Damn thats how Thomas got Megan, he made her bow down to his raja .
by jaybilline January 04, 2010
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An unbelievably sexy, amazing and awesome person. He is simply the best and is an absolute don. He has a nob so big it can take out half the USA air force. Everyone wishes to be him because he is so dench and is such a don. He gets all the ladies with a wink of an eye. He is so sexy that he attracts pussy like a magnet. Rajas is the denchest guy around and no one fucks with him because he is such a badass mother fucker. If you piss him off he will fuck you up. He has such a big dick that they use bullet trains to test his condoms. He is the most amazing person earth
Rajas Nathak is the GOAT at TCU
by TCUsPussyLord April 11, 2019
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a raja is a very attractive girl & is always there for anyone who has been there for her , you don’t wanna mess with a raja they usually are very calm & kind , but once you get them angry it’s game over , they are a AMAZING girlfriend but not very spoken when it comes to their significant other , give them some time and they’ll open up to you , raja’s are amazing friends and will always be there for you , the stare of a raja when their attracted to you is so seductive it might make you catch feelings mighty fast , overall raja’s really fantastic people !
man i’m so jealous he has a raja as a girlfriend !
by queen_jorden October 17, 2019
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