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To steal, also to rob without mercy, pretty much anything can be jump-jacked, basically the limit is a rocket ship, the U.S.S. constitution was known to be jump-jacked from the harbor by four kids on a field trip to Salem, Ma.(It was so badass) Although, people who jump-jacked from the general store were very lame and felt the wrath of THE RICK G.Usual spots for jump-jacking include Dick's and people's gym lockers.
1."Yo dude, did you hustle that twenty bucks from your mom?"

"yeah, it was like jump-jacking candy from a baby"

2."So Steve, what did you and Alex while you closed at Market Basket?"

"Well first we DILDAR-ed, Shelagged each other, Glynthed it, and then jump-jacked all the cash from the register"
by Nicky killa bee B March 09, 2008
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