Also known as, the WORST place on Earth to be working at, since it is a concentration camp with people who have to follow every rule of the place no matter how lame/stupid it is, or else they get fired.
Person 1: Hey, where do you work?

Person 2: I work at the concentration camp

Person 1: Oh, you mean Market Basket?
by wolf4537 March 6, 2009
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a.k.a. "the bucket", "the trash basket", MB

massachusetts and new hampshire supermarket chain. motto: "market basket, where you can get more for your dollar". characterized by cheap pay and horrible working conditions (crabby old ladies, leaky chicken, squashed grapes, etc.) overall, a wretched place to work.
good ol' store #48 in haverhill, ma
by Krista August 19, 2003
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A supermarket in Southern New Hampshire and Northeastern Massachusetts. It was started by the Demoulas family somewhere in the Lowell area and is also called Demoulas sometimes, even though only one in Salem, New Hampshire is actualy has a Demoulas sign.
I am there about twice a week.
by hasafienda January 18, 2005
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“Yeah i went to shop at Market Basket, I saw a homeless man eating a whole cucumber, my day was ruined”
by theweirdworker October 18, 2022
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One of the worst places to work as a teenager. Located in New England, employees deal with customers who order $500 worth of food, greedy old people, and screaming babies. You can't have piercings or dye your hair while working there too, and you wear the most ugly uniform known to man.
Bob: Hey, ready for work today at Market Basket?

Billie: Ugh, kms
by short ass mf August 26, 2022
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A Massachusetts Chain food store that doesn’t like advertising, and offers shitty quality products because you get what you pay for. Their chicken smells and tastes rancid, veggies don’t last long, and I’m surprised I didn’t get food poisoning from their seafood. The store is predominantly low income, blue collar, and suburban living humans. Nothing in that store is gourmet and it smells. Their meats are packaged instead of the butcher case. The vibe is shitty and I now understand why nobody in Boston food shops there. They have no city vibe whatsoever. It’s a sad and ghetto store.
One time my older brother asked if I wanted a ride to the grocery store. I said sure. Then he asked which Market basket I wanted to go to, and I looked at him crazy and said I’m too good to shop there. I go to Whole Foods, there meat is very gourmet and they care about you. He tried to talk me into shopping at a nasty store, and that everything there is all the same. I laughed and said No thanks. It’s my money. He still took me to wherever I wanted to go to.
by Bawston69 July 3, 2020
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