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Ah see ah Jumbie wen i de walkin home las night.
by Roy January 01, 2004
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A small remote-controlled aeroplane christened "Jumbie" by Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel fame.

Their relationship took a turn for the worse when, in a backfired attempt to attack his twin brother and fellow band mate Tom, the 'kleine Flugzeug' found itself lodged into the rafters of the concert hall's high ceilings. Kaulitz was distraught, crying in despair, 'Nein! Meine Flugzeug ist weg!'

Fortunately, a crew member came to the rescue of the sexually confused German, and embarked on an epic quest to return Jumbie to Kaulitz's loving side. With the help of a large forklift and many other crew members, their efforts succeeded, and Kaulitz was once again reunited with his love. Upon receiving the aforementioned plane, Kaulitz proceeded to jump up and down, singing and dancing around the room as he proclaimed his happiness.

Video accounts of this event can be found on YouTube.
"This is my little aeroplane! I shall call him... Jumbie!"
by Ann-Kathrin January 06, 2008
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another word for jumbo erectile functions.
Yo, i saw this girl and she gave me an instant Jumbie!
by Skank Biscuit July 24, 2003
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