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The Apple Macintosh portable line of computers. Many think of them as sleek, thin, stylish, powerful, and long-lasting.
My PowerBook 140 from 1991 is still alive and kicking on the internet, through our broadband modem!
by Roy March 15, 2005
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website owned by the best damn graphic designer in the world

submitted by roy your number one fan :D
"hey did you see protix yet, that guy is amazing!"
by Roy June 12, 2004
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A way of saying anything and everything without saying nothing, and somehow people understanding exactly what you wanted to say in the first place.
"I'm Rogged Out"
That is serious Rog"
"I have Mook Rog"
by Roy February 07, 2004
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the best flippin movie ever made...gosh...what do you think?
hey napolean what did you do last summer....
i was hunting wolverines with my uncle in alaska..god...what do you think?!!1
by Roy January 17, 2005
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