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An evil curse. a traditional word used by old African slaves in crappy english books.

used to label bad luck.
"Ah, the cat has an evil jumbi, we must kill it!"
by Oxford Dictionary December 17, 2003
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(juhm-bis) n. East coast Term used in place of marijuana
"Hey have you seen Bill's eyes? They're really red, I'm worried about him"
"Oh he's alright. He's just whack on this new jumbis his dealer just got in,"

"Jumbis got me lifted"
by M. Haze August 01, 2014
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A person who is just full of win, and everything always ends up perfectly for them.
That girl has that most adorable dog ever, but she thinks its ugly. Must be a jumbi.
by Jumba! August 16, 2009
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