Criminals who sit in vehicles in or near bank parking lots looking for possible victims leaving a bank who carry bank or paper bags, briefcases, satchels or the like, then rob them at their first stop after leaving the bank.
Watch out for juggers when you leave the bank.
by Fergie in FL May 19, 2017
Common drink at children's parties. Shaped like little barrels with foil top. Also called hugs.
Juggers are amazing!
by just trust me on this October 11, 2015
A hero and warrior sportsman of the post-apocalypse. A chain swinging, sword slicing, skull impaling lover of dirt and blood.
No quiver in your loins has been felt as strong as that from the Jugger while passing you into battle.
by liveMike June 17, 2013
The process of defecating and ejaculating into a cloth hammock, then swinging it round and smacking people in the face with it. It is seen as immensely erotic and is catching on as the new sexual fad.
Person 1: Dude, you up for tonight?
Person 2: Na, sorry, I'm gonna do a bit of juggering tonight.
Person 1: Who?
Person 2: That cunt down the road
by juggeringalldaylong May 14, 2009
the mack daddy of them all. he gets all the ass
when john rolls through the hood with 4 girls he is a true jugger.
by tex May 13, 2004
Preceeded by a number, which is the number of jugs of beer a guy would theoretically need to drink for a fugly girl/woman to look attractive. Obviously, the higher the number, the fuglier the girl in question is.
"Urgh. That fugly bitch over there must be at least a 10-jugger."

"Yuck. She'd be a 5-jugger, I think."
by jrsaundercooza January 12, 2010
A term used instead of Hookah or Shisha.
1. How's was the jugger?
1. Sikkk man there was bare flavour and smoke
by nirz999 October 29, 2013