What the catepillar was smoking out of in "Alice in Wonderland"
Tell 'em all a hookah smoking catepillar has given you the call
by anonymous November 19, 2003
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The hookah was inventend in India as a means of smoking TOBACCO. Turkish hookahs seem to be the most popular. Westerners adopted it as a means of smoking MARIJUANA.
by Silky Smooth November 19, 2003
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An Eastern smoking pipe designed with a long tube passing through an urn of water that cools the smoke as it is drawn through.

Tobacco smoking was not the original use of hookahs, as there are many examples of hookahs in both art and archeology prior to the arrival of tobacco in the Old World. In this period, the substance most commonly smoked in hookahs was hashish. After tobacco was imported from the Americas in the 1600s, hookah use became more widespread because of tobacco's milder effect.

Opium, previously taken orally and mostly regarded as a medicine, was added to tobacco and smoked from the 1800s onwards. This mixture, called "madak", turned out to be more addictive than orally-ingested opium and created many social problems, especially in China. Although the practice of smoking opium and hashish in hookahs is not extinct, today hookahs are generally used for smoking tobacco, or cannabis.
Ethan: haha I loaded some PCP into Kaleb's hookah after we left.
by Effon April 5, 2007
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A multi-stemmed, often times glass based water pipe originating from India. From India, it was made popular as the form we now see it in today in Turkey. A common taboo many Westerners do on accident is to pack the bowl with anything other than tobacco. This is frowned upon, but generally practiced in drug based societies because of the smoother, cooler smoke said hookah emits.

ps: Drugs are cool.
Come now Habib, we shall light the hookah to pass the time.

Come now Jerry Garcia and/or Jesus, we shall light the hookah to blaze us out of our fucking minds.
by Mega Krieger September 3, 2003
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Middle eastern water pipe used to smoke Shisha out of. Shisha that is 90% molasses and 10% tobacco with .05% nicotine- the nicotine gets filtered out by the water in the base of the Hookah. Compared to 1 cigarette that has 1.7% nicotine and over 4,000 chemicals added. Used as a manly Social gathering among the over 18+ crowd.
Hey Shannon, would you like to smoke some shisha out of my Hookah?
by HookahGuru730 April 17, 2011
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(n.) Arab water pipe that has been perverted by stupid-ass American teens who think they're cool when they post Facebook pictures of them smoking it or who are under the delusion that hookah pipes are "safer" than cigarettes. Lol.
Hey Mike, my doctor just told me I have aggressive small-cell lung cancer because I was a dipshit and smoked hookah!

Oh shit, Alex! That sucks balls!

Yeah, it sure does! Man, I wish I hadn't been so fucking stupid!

Yep, that was pretty fucking dumb of you, Alex. You definitely deserve to die.
by Perpetualbeastmode February 27, 2009
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Another word to call your friends that are girls
Hey hookahs how’s it hanging
by Hi Hoomans! July 7, 2019
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