Starting point i.e. Process (over calculated paperwork) to an opinion stated by a clergy of reasons. Adjective to judge a person by adminstration, law, courts and justice.
the Judicial system, I feel each person is judged so harshly these days the laws of naturalization will and are taking a very unhealthy back seat to human waterwheel i.e. noun; A wheel that is turned by water running against or falling on paddles or steps, used as a natural source of power giving people the sense of loss or waver ( to be unsteady and show signs of falling and giving away or indecisive)
by Wlfdg8inanamentobject January 12, 2010
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Awesome, cool, magnificent, mind-blowing.
"Damn, did you see that Bentley on the corner? That shit was judicial!"
by funkyengine May 31, 2013
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1) being appropriate to a judge. relates to the administration of justice.

2) something painfully amazing/wicked cool, absolutely laying down "the law" on someone (destroying them).
"wow that song is judicial!"
"dang when you got kicked, that was judicial!!"
"your mom looks judicial."
"that jump was judicial!"
by Theo December 18, 2004
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Being too picky when it comes to choosing a mate of the opposite sex. When one cannot settle on the qualities they like but claim it's a prudent, well informed decision.
Sean says he's judicious. Really he's just too picky and can't settle on what he wants.
by theonetosay February 4, 2010
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A punishment for doing something against the rules at boarding school.
"Ugh, I was watching dvds last night during study hall and they gave me a judicial!"
by asdasdasd July 3, 2005
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N. What Prosecutors do to "alleged" child sex offenders, and their families for their kids playing "Doctor," or SEXting and charging them with RAPE, and other crimes. Also applicable to those who never intended to receive said SEXTing messages, and got charged anyway for having child pornography.
That County Prosecutor in the State of "insert pretty much any State name here," Judicially Molested that child and their family because he wanted to advance his career, and did not care of the broader effects of the prosecution.
by Disgruntled Christian June 24, 2011
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Anything and everything that exists in this parallel universe where we are mere blipses in the concept of time that we have created to help comprehend with the harsh reality that more exist the beyond out inferior and menial minds
Tom: *says something unimportant*
Aaron: yeh...... but Judicial Law
by October 7, 2020
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