Term loosely associated with BDSM culture but refering to anyone, typically in the submissive role, that has pledged their loyalty to another.
It only took 7 years but I finally claimed Stephanie for my own.

No, I want nothing to do with you. I am already claimed.
by Viroodiem December 14, 2018
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On Snapchat stories people post a link to an anonymous messaging website called "lipsi. " so people screenshot the responses they get and post it on their story, since its anonymous they say "claim" so whoever said it will slide up on the story when they see it.
Anonymous: hey u look cute

Snapchat User: Claim thanks
by Thuglife123 February 11, 2019
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claiming a board sport move as your own. A derogatory term.
I, Robbie, hereby claim this new kitesurfing move as my own because I was the first person to ever pull it.
by mirkin July 10, 2003
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-claim- (cl-ame)

v. 1. The act of owning (claiming) a kicker, jump, rail, or trick. After throwing down most skiers will claim that trick. Closely being related to, afterbang, claiming involves a rider riding away straight- armed behind or in front of themselves riding away with steeze, kickin' it.

2. Essentially owning a trick following with mad steeze.
Dude, you see TJ Schiller claim that dub cork 12?
by Urban_jibbidge June 16, 2009
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The act of claiming someone in a forum.
Saying that they are yours, kind of like a g/f but not.
El Nino: *Claims Superhotty973*
Superhotty973: *le gasp* I'm claimed! XD
by Soultakr May 28, 2005
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To state or declare that sth is a fact or is the case but not to prove this.
She claims that she is related to the author. / The company claims that it is not responsible for the pollution in the river. / The government's claim that it would reduce taxes proved false.
by Diogo Tinoco June 12, 2007
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The teaching that our thoughts control out reality. Similar to the power of positive thinking. The idea is what you think or believe will happen is ultimately what controls what will happen. If you think negative thoughts, you will get negative results. But if you think positive thoughts or just have “enough faith,” then you can have positive results.

Sometimes associated with religion, ie: "I claim it in the name of jesus"
Person 1: I really want to feel better.
Person 2: Take your meds, go to the doctor, and claim it!
by Venuszombae April 22, 2019
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