The Human embodyment of the word amazing
Guy1: do you see that guy that won 10 grammies 11 Nobel peace prizes and won the Olympics seven times, well he gets layed constantly because of his humongous penis that reaches his ankles.

Guy2: yeah

Guy 1: I think he's the most sexy, handsome, smart person in the world

Guy 2: I agree, he's totally a Jude
by Haysvdusnosnfsosmd June 17, 2021
A boy with Gucci sliders and BIG DICK
Random : oh that boy Jude has a big dick
Jude : Miezko has a small penis
by N7 boi July 22, 2018
Jude is the funniest and cherished person you can ever meet. You may not see a Jude in heavan, you have probably seen him in the sky. He will be in he form of an airplane because he has super powers! You meet one, expose his powers and steal his identity!
Jude is a super hero
by Kabalu August 29, 2018
Jude will touch your tits up in you’re sleep and burn your barn down.

Nice guy
‘Jude did you touch my tits up
Yes I did soz
by April 16, 2022
Jude is the hottest, sexiest, coolest, smartest, funniest, and most amazing girl out there. She has an amazing smile and is so much fun to be around. Judes are amazing kissers and super loving a loyal. They are very hard to get and keep, and they can be confusing at times. She has beautiful brown eyes that you can get lost in and curly hair. She's a baddie and she's thick. She's also my gf.
Jude is a gorgeous mf.
I know, because Jude is my girl.
by RealMf12 November 11, 2021
Jude, the best person in the entire world, she is caring and super funny and always finds a way to make your day the best, and not to mention she is the coolest!
Dude I have Jude in my class I’m so lucky

I really wish people knew how cool Jude was
by TacomaCrew November 5, 2019
Jude’s... They usually are a little above average in height, they have blonde hair, and blue eyes. If you ever find a Jude, keep them. And if a Jude shares emotion with you, then they definitely are a keeper.

Jude’s are very unique, a little anti-social but if they’re around the right people they can’t stop talking. They are very positive and try to see the best in bad situations, they also have many personalities.

This can be overwhelming at times but Jude’s are rare, so get used to it.
‘Jude’s are such brow goddesses
by xylophone March 11, 2021