this weird boy and hes annoying plus he keeps kids in his basement...
he is a jude
by urmom17 April 22, 2019
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Very white (albino), very amusing, outgoing, blonde for sure. He's pretty athletic if you know what I mean...not just with sports but in bed.
Man, that guy reminds of a Jude.
by chickenbobby December 06, 2016
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A tall cute guy who probably has a British accent. Who is kind, caring and doesn't give up. He doesn't just turn you on but he also makes you feel better about yourself, makes you happy. They are amazing kissers, intelligent, well mannered and fun. They are also very hard to get. He is everything you could ever ask for. No matter what he does, you can't stay mad at him. Most of the time his a heart breaker. His extremely easy to love, but hard to get and hard to keep. Once you love him you can't stop. All around his a perfect person.
"Imma get myself a Jude" .
"yeah me too"
"I could marry him"
"God! His everything I've ever wanted in a guy"
by @IsabelLashy February 08, 2017
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St. Judez disco for teenagers situated in the affluent south side area of orwell in templeogue D.6W Similar to that of 'Wezz' usually attended by d4'snot much goes on there except for slut dancing and 'scoring' the local hotties from the nearby rugby club st marys also attended by the well known D4girls 'the maccy d's girls' nicknamed this because of their school st mac daras college templeogue.And also well known templeogue college boys
D4:OMG loike r u heading to Judes on friday noysh

other D4:totally im sooo going to score eoin

by uhk January 02, 2008
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A funny looking little person bent on making your day a little bit better. She is in a constant struggle with gravity and has faced her share of triumph and failure in that regard.
"Hey man, did you see Jude?"
"Dude, look down"
"Oh there you are!"
by The Beast of Curly Style September 16, 2011
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