Very white (albino), very amusing, outgoing, blonde for sure. He's pretty athletic if you know what I mean...not just with sports but in bed.
Man, that guy reminds of a Jude.
by chickenbobby December 7, 2016
A smart person, usually tall, kind to others but has their own opinion of everyone. Is a blast to be around but at the same time you feel like they judge your every move. Still fun though.
by LITTLE.PEEP May 22, 2017
A tall cute guy who probably has a British accent. Who is kind, caring and doesn't give up. He doesn't just turn you on but he also makes you feel better about yourself, makes you happy. They are amazing kissers, intelligent, well mannered and fun. They are also very hard to get. He is everything you could ever ask for. No matter what he does, you can't stay mad at him. Most of the time his a heart breaker. His extremely easy to love, but hard to get and hard to keep. Once you love him you can't stop. All around his a perfect person.
"Imma get myself a Jude" .
"yeah me too"
"I could marry him"
"God! His everything I've ever wanted in a guy"
by @IsabelLashy February 8, 2017
Someone who is a very kind sweet-hearted girl who leads from the rest. She has a good persona and Doesnt take any shit. She is very sensitive but lovable and caring, However, If you end up on her other side you will be absolutely anihillated by her words. Her attractive looks strike your eyes and blind you with her beauty. She is very honest and

truthful and doesnt hide her feelings, others think of her as an (extrovert.). So overall, she defects perfection and is a very hot and beautiful person.
Yo, Judes so hot!
Jude, you be very cool!
by KamranxKhanx007 December 8, 2019
Jude: “Big Dick Again!!”
by You pleb January 13, 2022
That Jude is a proper Gerald...
by PinkPringle December 10, 2018
Jude is an amazing girl, and an even better best friend. On top of that, she is also one of the prettiest people in the world. She may seem insecure, because she most likely is. (she shouldn't be though, she looks like the best parts of Salma Hayek, Gigi Hadid, and Mila Kunis combined). She always checks in on people and will put up with you, even if you act like a complete fool and embarrass her. If you ever get the chance to become friends with a Jude, take it. Latch onto her and never let her go. Remember, even though she will put up with all of your shenanigans, she deserves to be treated like the queen she is. If you sing "Hey Jude" to her, she will kick you. If you hurt a Jude, she will most likely "forgive you" and say it's ok, but your relationship will never be the same. She also has a weird obsession with biting people, especially her bestie, so beware. I mean, I guess it's fair considering she stands by you through thick and thin. Oh and one more thing, IF YOU EVER MEET A JUDE, LOVE AND CHERISH HER BECAUSE SHE IS A GIFT SENT FROM ABOVE!!! :)
Chad - "Yo, Who's the hottie?"
Jude's Bestie - "That hottie is Jude. She has a name. She is amazing and if you objectify her like that again,Ii will stomp on your balls Chad."
by April 4, 2021