Most Jude's are very hot and kind boys. They are intelligent and know how to make someones day. They are a ladies man and they know how to brighten up a room. They are fighters and very strong you won't wanna mess with a Jude! I'm lucky I found myself a Jude while I could!
Greyson: did you see ally's butt today?
Braxton: i wouldn't talk about her that's jude;s girlfriend he'll kick your ass!
by skittlebug22 October 14, 2018
And real ni**a with a big d*ck
There is only one Jude
by What_Boi August 6, 2018
Jude, the best person in the entire world, she is caring and super funny and always finds a way to make your day the best, and not to mention she is the coolest!
Dude I have Jude in my class I’m so lucky

I really wish people knew how cool Jude was
by TacomaCrew November 5, 2019
Jude is boy who is a heart breaker. He is extremely easy to love but hard to get and hard to keep, and once you love him you can't stop loving him.
"wow I love Jude so much. But he's breaking my heart."
by Lover/hater November 22, 2012
1. German, singular for Jew
2. English, a unisex first name.

Notable record of the name Jude are:
The last work of Thomas Hardy, Jude the Obscure. The book was made into a 1996 movie staring Christopher Eccleston and Kate Winslet.

Jude Law, an actor from England.

Julian Lennon was nicknamed Jude by Sir Paul McCartney when the name Jules became too hard to sing in the hit song Hey Jude. Before, Julian's nickname had only ever been Jules.

Jude is a rare name. It is estimated that only 4900 males with the first name Jude live in the USA, while only 1225 females have the first name Jude.
"Did you know that Sir Paul McCartney changed the lyrics to Hey Jude? It used to be Hey Jules"

"Under nazi rule, Jews were required to wear a yellow star with the word "Jude" on it to display that they were Jewish. Jude is German for Jew."

Dumbass: "Heeeeey Jude! HAHA I bet you've never heard that one before!"
Me: "eat shit, asshole"
by Jude A April 7, 2008