Jude is boy who is a heart breaker. He is extremely easy to love but hard to get and hard to keep, and once you love him you can't stop loving him.
"wow I love Jude so much. But he's breaking my heart."
by Lover/hater November 21, 2012
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That super hot boy you see across the lunch room. You know he’s troubled but that doesn’t make him any less smashable. All of his nights since 2nd grade have been spent nutting off, and he is well educated. Great in school, but not the most athletic. He may have many flaws but he is still the sexiest kid around.
Jude is SUPER sexy
by Hotty Pie March 25, 2019
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Most Jude's are very hot and kind boys. They are intelligent and know how to make someones day. They are a ladies man and they know how to brighten up a room. They are fighters and very strong you won't wanna mess with a Jude! I'm lucky I found myself a Jude while I could!
Greyson: did you see ally's butt today?
Braxton: i wouldn't talk about her that's jude;s girlfriend he'll kick your ass!
by skittlebug22 October 13, 2018
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The sweetest, best looking boy/girl ever. If you ever meet a Jude you will definitely fall for them, they may break your heart once or twice but they will be the most loyal, loving person to you. They are very understanding.
Girl: Oh my god that boys such a Jude!
Boy: No that girl over there's a Jude!
by Bluebear980 October 26, 2017
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