The sweetest, best looking boy/girl ever. If you ever meet a Jude you will definitely fall for them, they may break your heart once or twice but they will be the most loyal, loving person to you. They are very understanding.
Girl: Oh my god that boys such a Jude!
Boy: No that girl over there's a Jude!
by Bluebear980 October 26, 2017
Someone who is a very kind sweet-hearted girl who leads from the rest. She has a good persona and Doesnt take any shit. She is very sensitive but lovable and caring, However, If you end up on her other side you will be absolutely anihillated by her words. Her attractive looks strike your eyes and blind you with her beauty. She is very honest and

truthful and doesnt hide her feelings, others think of her as an (extrovert.). So overall, she defects perfection and is a very hot and beautiful person.
Yo, Judes so hot!
Jude, you be very cool!
by KamranxKhanx007 December 8, 2019
A funny looking little person bent on making your day a little bit better. She is in a constant struggle with gravity and has faced her share of triumph and failure in that regard.
"Hey man, did you see Jude?"
"Dude, look down"
"Oh there you are!"
by The Beast of Curly Style September 16, 2011
He is a really sweet person, niece and caring. Sometimes is weird but that’s what’s makes him special
by Kabalu August 29, 2018
1. German, singular for Jew
2. English, a unisex first name.

Notable record of the name Jude are:
The last work of Thomas Hardy, Jude the Obscure. The book was made into a 1996 movie staring Christopher Eccleston and Kate Winslet.

Jude Law, an actor from England.

Julian Lennon was nicknamed Jude by Sir Paul McCartney when the name Jules became too hard to sing in the hit song Hey Jude. Before, Julian's nickname had only ever been Jules.

Jude is a rare name. It is estimated that only 4900 males with the first name Jude live in the USA, while only 1225 females have the first name Jude.
"Did you know that Sir Paul McCartney changed the lyrics to Hey Jude? It used to be Hey Jules"

"In nazi Germany, Jews were required to wear a yellow star with the word "Jude" on it to display that they were Jewish. Jude is German for Jew."

Dumbass: "Heeeeey Jude! HAHA I bet you've never heard that one before!"
Me: "eat shit, asshole"
by Jude A April 7, 2008
Rose: Oh my god ewww it’s a Jude!!!
by David Lawrence February 21, 2020
Jude has a big cock so big it won’t fit
Jude it won’t fit it’s to big
by Lube 69 November 23, 2021