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A slang word used in the Philadelphia metro area to describe a banger, typically a sausage fest with goons, involving weed and or alcohol, not necessarily in that order. May also include buhling around. The word jube originated from the word jubilee.
Buhl: "Hey Randy did you go to the Halloween jube last saturday?"
Randy: "No but i heard james vomited all over the floor."
Buhl: "Yea it was hilarious!"
by younggock124 January 25, 2017
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A common word used in Scotland, deep in the Highlands. 'Jube' can be defined as a word that can fit any sentance. However, it is mostly used as a replacement for the word 'not' in a joke form. Jube is a very hard word to define but perhaps the examples will see you through...
Rory: Peter, this suit is black....jube.
Peter: Rory are you drunk??
Rory: Jube aye, not on a school day.
Peter: See thst new car of mine its a beast
by Rory1992 December 20, 2007
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a jewish ladies boobs, or breasts or tits or melons or ballons or misquito bites
"What do you call a jewish womans boobs?...JUBES!!"
"Look at those jubes on Zac's mom."
by Zac Dyrstka April 12, 2007
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Jubes is a nickname for someone whose name starts with J. Jubes is most likely a girl who is very spastic, funny, and nice. Jubes comes from the latin word "jubes" which means ordering, but the nickname jubes is the opposite of ordering
Person 1:Look, there goes that nice, fun girl named Julia

Person 2:Yeah, we all call her Jubes
by just_casual November 16, 2014
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Jewish pubic hair. Term is most commonly used in reference to the curly dark hairs that will congregate along the rim of the toilet bowl in a Jewish bachelor's studio apartment.
"By the number of jubes on the rim of the toilet, it was apparent Moishe hadn't cleaned the bathroom for quite a few Shabbats."
by WizardofOzdil June 28, 2007
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