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My new way to spell "the" in the online world.
Coke is teh real thing.
by Lara December 25, 2004
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I have such bad cramps because i have the p.
by Lara March 27, 2005
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Past tense of thwap...thwap being a sound produced when the back of the hand makes contact with the chest/stomach area of a fully clothed person (when the thwapee is nude, it really rends to be more of a thmak) It describes a person who has just recieved a thwap.
Hey, I've just been thwapt by that random man on the metro...
by Lara October 22, 2003
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The leftovers of fuzz after a blond guy shaves his 'i-think-it's-a-beard-but-not-really, before he can really get the hang of it. Frequently accompanied by a red rash (adding to the flare) as well as itching, irritated skin.
"Dude, did you just shave for the first time?"
"Uh..no...I've been shaving for a long time...since I was like, 10..."
"No way dude, you must really suck at it then cuz u got such a solar flare..."
by Lara November 1, 2003
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A Boy that thinks he is from atlanta
Mwaputsa keeps saying Skeet, it's starting to scare me.
by Lara April 7, 2004
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Read and Review.
Request the fanfic writers ask to their readers as the only payment they´ll ever get for their stories
This story contains spoilers of OOTP, please R&R if you want me to write more chapters.
by Lara October 17, 2003
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