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Used commonly in the Philadelphia area. Buhl refers to any person of any age. You can use it to describe young kids by saying 'yungbuhl'.
Person 1: Yo look at that buhl stuntin on them hoes with that new corvette.

Person 2: Yea that buhl tryna flex

Tim and Tommy are such yungbuhls, being a freshman in high school and only being 5'3.
by drrakarr25 April 28, 2017
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A buhl is somebody who is a youngster with a great imagination and has huge ambition that gets people to want to follow them. There leadership is shown through there hard work and patients.
Alexx Odle yo what's up Buhl!!
by George markz September 16, 2013
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The highest level of expertize of a craft. To excel beyond masterful or artisan. The utmost level of skill and experience, unsurpassed in one's trade.
by Karington Valenz December 27, 2013
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