Used commonly in the Philadelphia area. Buhl refers to any person of any age. You can use it to describe young kids by saying 'yungbuhl'.
Person 1: Yo look at that buhl stuntin on them hoes with that new corvette.

Person 2: Yea that buhl tryna flex

Tim and Tommy are such yungbuhls, being a freshman in high school and only being 5'3.
by drrakarr25 April 28, 2017
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The highest level of expertize of a craft. To excel beyond masterful or artisan. The utmost level of skill and experience, unsurpassed in one's trade.
by Karington Valenz December 27, 2013
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Its a real great comment to receive from anyone. It means you are a real legend, its probabaly best name in the world anyone with the name is a legend
Guy:My name is buhle. Guy 2:then you are a real legend bro!!!
by skulleto July 26, 2011
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Stubborn with a small heart. If you are loved by her you very lucky. Not to be fucked with. When she loves she loves hard and she cares for you
Don't ask her out, you might not be lucky
Friend 1: all girls are fucked up nowadays that's why imma stay single
Friend 2: get yourself a Buhle bruh
by SqamuG September 27, 2019
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A buhl is somebody who is a youngster with a great imagination and has huge ambition that gets people to want to follow them. There leadership is shown through there hard work and patients.
Alexx Odle yo what's up Buhl!!
by George markz September 16, 2013
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The action in which one could not give a singular fuck. This is a form of Ebonics (slang) and is not usually used in formal writing.
“This nigga out here straight buhling on these hoes

The nigga in question is “straight buhling” because he does not give a fuck about the hoes in his area
by TheRealBarberLup June 25, 2018
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