to do something cool or litty, and usually illegal
by booler February 16, 2016
To speak out with electronic equipment at others that don't have a choice of hearing the speaker or not.
The firemen at that station spend most of their time booling at people who are trying to hook up with someone for a good time.
by rodsinventory December 23, 2013
1. To hang out, relax, do nothing, or otherwise wait with little action; chill.
"Are you gonna leave soon?" "No, I'm gonna bool for a while then head that way later."

"What are you doing?" "Just boolin' at the moment."
by ArcticFox76 June 24, 2018
1) Chill out and get high

2) Hang out for a while
Yo you tryna bool right now? Let's go bool at Antonios house..
by ranoxan November 18, 2016
a word bloods use, it's basically "Cool" with the "C" replaced by a "B"
aye them niggaz are bool as fuck
by BigRay December 27, 2005
A way of life. Living life not caring about shit.
"Aren't you worried about failing the test?"
"No, I'll just bool it."

"What are you doing?"
"Just boolin"
by twalnuts June 8, 2014